How iOS Users Can Have the Perfect WordPress Experience

It was only a short while ago that WordPress released an update to their mobile that would improve the usage of those who run a WordPress site of 4.0 or higher on an iOS device. This improvement undoubtedly restored the faith in the platform for iOS users, who up until then, had to rely on their other devices for maintenance and general tweaks and additions. Now that the mobile side of things is sorted, iOS users can make use of these techniques to have the perfect WordPress experience.

Choose a Hosting Services That Meets the Needs of the Site

If it’s just a small-time blog with a few visitors from time-to-time, it may not require an expensive hosting plan that features all the bells and whistles. In this case, simple is better and users have the ideal opportunity to allow their blog to grow organically. Furthermore, the option to upgrade is provided by certain hosting services, which can be extremely helpful as the users’ traffic increases. Key factors to consider when choosing a plan include:

·         Do users have access to additional security features?

·         Can the plan be upgraded once traffic increases?

·         Is the response time sufficient for good analytics results?

·         Is the plan affordable and are coupons and special discounts offered?

·         Does the hosting service provide daily backups?

·         Is support readily available in the event of a crisis?

Decide on Themes and Plugins That Are Mobile Friendly

This is an integral part of the web design process, as mobile devices account for a large portion of traffic to sites. Plugins and themes add to the aesthetic appeal of the site, but they also need to be user-friendly and easily adaptable to the various user platforms. Getting a great theme at the right price is important, Divi Theme Discount shows how you can get prices off.

iOS-Friendly Monetization Options

When it comes to making money online, iOS users and even non-iOS users will want to integrate iOS-friendly e-Commerce applications to their websites. This ensures a smoother business flow and prevents the loss of customers. It also ensures that website owners who rely on iOS technology will have an easier time updating their product catalogues and even pricing by using their mobile device.

iOS products have come a long way from only using Apple-designed applications, to working with major brands to make other applications more accessible. This was an integral move for the group, as it caused an easier flow of business and even general communication. For website owners, the continuous improvements and access to mobile-friendly technology let them do business on the move.