Streeter – One Stop App for All Things Local

Ask how a phone can help you discover a new place, and most of us think of the aimless Googling or Yelping we perform when desperately trying to find somewhere to eat. But I wanted to find apps that served like treasure maps, pointing me toward the hidden gems tucked away in a city—if only I knew which way to walk. Could an app help me discover a new store in my own neighborhood? Could it help me find an amazing building within a mile from my hotel room? Yes, it can! We have discovered the perfect app for your discoveries – Streeter.

What is Streeter?

Streeter is a location-based community marketplace for all things local. With this incredible app developed on the iOS platform, users can discover local restaurants, boutiques, malls, movie shows, job listings, they can buy, sell, advertise, and much more. The app is designed with intuitive user interface and tons of useful features.

Standout Features

Need a one stop app for discovering nearby things? Streeter is the one you need! It offers useful information for local restaurants, jobs, coupons, movies, boutiques, malls, ratings, reviews, etc. Both businesses and individuals can use this tool to promote their services and to find new ones. Anyone can post a targeted advertisement and boost them to urgent ads, featured and spotlight ads. Also, there is a feature called Echo that serves as a special shout out for things of interest.

If you’re wondering what we loved the most about this app, it’s the Echo feature. Its primary idea is about sharing listings, places, ads or anything else that you think might interest someone you know. You can easily use it to send these kinds of shout outs and receive Echo reminders and notifications when you are at place or business listing shout out by your friends or people you are following. How amazing is that?

Streeter has an integrated map for users to refine their search and to view nearby services, My Wall for collecting recent updates and activities, Promo codes for earning valuable points, smart notifications and tons of other social activities.

Check out the app’s full list of features in order to understand them more by visiting its official website. Streeter can be downloaded for free from the App Store and it’s soon coming on Google Play too.