Symbol Run is a match-three puzzler that will teach you about symbols and help you get fit

Did you know there are more match-three puzzlers than there are games?

Okay, so this isn’t actually true. Or possible. But there definitely are a lot of games in which the aim is to match three or more random things to make them disappear.

It takes something special to stand out from this gigantic crowd, and that’s what Snojken has done with Symbol Run, a match-three puzzler with a very modern twist.

Starting with the more conventional elements of Symbol Run’s gameplay, the game involves bringing symbols together to eliminate them from the board. You can do this either by switching them with a neighbour or dragging them to an empty slot. You can even drop them onto other tiles.

The symbols you’re matching have been chosen with surprising care. In place of the usual generic sweets and gems Snojken has employed symbols from world culture and history. There’s the Ankh, symbol of life in Ancient Egypt, the Valknut, a Celtic symbol of the cycles of life, and more.

But the really innovative thing about Symbol Run is its cutting edge AR functionality. In each stage you get a limited number of moves in which to clear the board. Once you run out, you’re stuck.

Except you’re not, because Symbol Run lets you earn more moves by getting up, putting your phone in your pocket, and going for a walk. Yes, a walk, outside. Imagine! This clever use of your phone’s step-counting ability not only adds a dimension to the gameplay, but it helps you get fitter too.

There’s a small in-app purchase to unlock the AR mode, but we think it’s well worth it.

Grab Symbol Run for free on the App Store right now.

Read more about it on:, and follow the game’s Twitter and Facebook pages for updates. You can learn more about the developer here.