EaseUS is a Free Data Recovery Software for iPhone

You have to admit, we often worry about what might happen if we should ever lose the data or files that we are carrying on our iPhone, Mac, USB drive and other devices. That’s the reason why a data recovery software is key to have to make sure that whatever important files you have on your device can easily be recover. Whatever fear you might have then the EaseUS data recovery wizard eliminates that. With a 3-step recovery method you can retrieve anything from music and videos to lost partitions.

There are a number of reasons why you can lose your data. Your system can crash, you might have accidentally deleted your files, might be due to a virus attack or any other unforeseen circumstances. When stuff happens it’s a relief to know that recovery software such as EaseUS is available to help you get back the stuff that’s important to you in quick steps.

EaseUS is currently at version 11.8 and comes with a number of new features such as an Add Image Recogniser to filter the found pictures by content, you can recover Canon camera video files(.mov) more efficiently, improved the recovery quality of deleted files on NTFS partition, support searching folder by name after scanning and optimised the UI to provide better user experiences. The first EaseUS was released in October 2005 and it’s still helping people recover their data.

There was previous issues with the recovery being a bit slow and not always locating the right file but in the new version I found no problem. The EaseUS Data Recovery Software is safe and stress free and the 3 easy steps launch, scan and recover will get you back your data.