Can a Mobile App Help Take Parcel Shipments to the Next Level?

The internet has transformed the way people live their lives. Chores such as banking and the weekly supermarket shop can now be completed at the click of a button, saving people time and energy. However, the reality is that web-based technology is becoming ubiquitous, and helping to make efficiencies in unlikely areas of everyday life. Parcel delivery is one such area; the boom in internet shopping has forced couriers to quickly improve their offer to customers to ensure they remain competitive. Upgrades to courier services have led to cheaper rates, speedier delivery times and improved parcel tracking – many of these improvements would have been impossible to achieve without internet technology. But could a mobile app take this further by making parcel shipments more efficient and less of a chore? I checked out the APC Direct parcel shipment app, developed in partnership with to find out.

First Impressions

Initial impression of APC Direct are of an attractive display, with clear, concise navigation buttons. There are no irritating demands to register on opening; instead the user is instantly presented with two options – ‘Send a parcel’ or ‘Track your parcel’. I like the efficiency – down to business! Perhaps most impressive is the instantaneous nature of the app; the information you need is quickly presented, without the need to fill out lengthy forms.

Booking a Collection

Before I pressed ‘Send a parcel’, I half-expected the next screen to be filled with drop-down arrows, waiting for me to select the relevant options. This wasn’t the case. Instead, the efficient simplicity continues throughout the booking process; the estimated collection and delivery date are presented straight away, along with the quotation. Default parcel restrictions are taken into account – this allowance gives the sender up to 1.2 meters in parcel length and 20kg weight – a fairly broad offering, covering a decent range of parcel sizes. As long as your parcel is within these limits, there is no need to enter specific dimensions – I have found this a real downfall with rival apps and websites. Overnight delivery is standard, and bookings can be made for collection on the following day. This seemed to me an impressive standard offer to a private customer.

After filling in the collection and delivery address, payment follows – this was fast to complete but evidently secure. And after printing the shipping label, I was left with the feeling that the process was almost too easy! But sure enough, the courier arrived to collect my parcel the following day.

Parcel Tracking and Delivery

After collection, I used the tracking number and delivery postcode to keep an eye on the whereabouts of my parcel. The tracking feature on the app is effortless, and gives you the peace of mind that you can keep an eye on the status of your delivery, wherever you are. But I needn’t have had any doubts – the parcel was delivered the following day as promised.

The Verdict

In my view, the app makes other shipment booking methods seem unnecessarily complicated. I was genuinely impressed by the speed at which I made my first booking through the app. And the reality is that it just gets quicker; I made my second booking in under a minute. Even without registering, address details are saved for your next booking. It’s great to be able to book collections and track deliveries on-the-go. In summary, the APC Direct app makes parcel shipments a breeze. I know how I’ll be sending my Christmas presents this year!