Oh Hey High – A Social Network for Marijuana Enthusiasts

sometimes in the shadows. Because it was once relatively scarce and expensive, it was passed around in private. Finding a date or marijuana enthusiast is certainly hard. But, with the right app you can find the perfect match or friends for sharing your weed experience. We have for you one amazing app for this. Let’s discuss it.

What is Oh Hey High?

Oh Hey High is one amazing and effortless lifestyle app developed for IOS users that need a social and dating app to meet legal marijuana consumers and chat about the challenges they face every day. With this app, users can connect, find dates, and talk based on the strain, weed passion and knowledge. This is certainly the easiest way to find a date or marijuana enthusiast. Just with creating their profile, users can find likeminded cannabis users.

Why do we love it?

This dating and social app for cannabis users offers an easy process to sign up and create a profile with detailed profiles of every user on the app. Not only that the app helps finding weed lovers but also it displays the ones nearest to the user’s location so the users can chat and meet to spark things up. The app offers a great matching system that requires the users when they sign up to enter their in-depth details so when other users search for detailed profiles they will get them. The matching is precise, making it much easier to find singles based on the user’s preference. The users are offered sleek design with maps as an intuitive IU.

Download the app now on App Store for free.