Game Review – Split Hit

With tap games being easier to develop than other mobile titles, the mobile market is oversaturated with these games. This has overwhelmed players with shovel ware that is not worth the time of everyone. Luckily, we discovered a tap game that will amuse you for sure. Let’s discuss about this amazing game.

What is Split Hit?

Split Hit is one highly interesting tap game that is developed for IOS users, easy for playing and suitable for all ages. This game is offering fun and addictive tapper gameplay, allowing users to test their fast reactions. On the game users can enjoy the high-quality graphics with amazing colorful design with many different shapes for splitting and scores for the user’s achievements. Users can compete with people and become the ultimate tapper.

Why do we love it?

This tapping game is offering its players one easy and yet challenging gameplay with one simple task. The player needs to act fast and tap on the screen to split the shapes and progress in the game. Faster the player reacts, more shapes he will cut, and win more scores. On the game, the player can compete with other people, and the player with the highest scores will become the ultimate tapper. The scores that the player wins can be shared on other platforms. When the game is over the player can see the best scores he made and the last scores he won while easily starting the game all over again.

Download the game now on App Store for free.