KeepSolid Sign, Easy, Time-Saving, and Secure e-Signature Technology

Remember the days when we have a contract or a document to sign and it firstly needs to be send via fax or email and if we go further in time we would have to receive the documents through the post. We then have to print off and sign said documents and sent back to the person again by fax or post. Well of course those days are long gone and slowly becoming obsolete. This is because of eSignature apps such as KeepSolid Sign which allows you to sign documents from your phone wherever and whenever you want.

KeepSolid Sign allows you to close on deals and sign contracts without having to wait until it’s fax or mail through. All can be done in minutes of agreeing. You can monitor the status of the signed documents to see if the other party have kept up with their end of the deal. KeepSolid Sign is available for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and use online by signing in with your username and password. It’s easy to use, simply import PDF documents into KeepSolid Sign.

What Can you use KeepSolid Sign For


  • Get all your contracts signed in minutes
  • Initiate and close deals while on-the-go
  • Improve your customer’s experience


  • Legally sign any document on your favorite device
  • Access signed contracts even in the offline mode
  • Ensure a strong security to all your documents


  • Instantly create an agreement using smart templates
  • Monitor the status of your deals in real time
  • Make the workflow of your organization more efficient


  • Instantly get ready for your remote education
  • Be free from paper chase and reduce time of signing
  • Minimize possible misunderstandings and errors

KeepSolid Sign is free to use and great for business owners. It’s the best eSignature we have come across.