How to effectively feature your iOS app on the app store?

Who wouldn’t want to get their app featured on the App Store? Everyone wants that. Getting features on the front search page is an effective way to drive more traffic and get more downloads by increasing visibility. There’s a huge competition on the App store, so in order for an app to get featured, it needs to stand out. Gaining one of the spots isn’t easy but Apple has a way of making sure your app stands out. Here’s a list of things you can attempt to increase the chance of getting your app featured.

With over more than 10,000 apps launched every weak, the chances are slim for a developer to get his app famous. Before submitting the app, you need to first create a perfect app and make sure it’s targeted at the right audience. These things should be done before you even think about getting featured in the App store.

  1. Native is the king

Apple prefers apps that are built for iOS, not cross-platform. Building a native app is a plus factor that Apple will unquestionably want to feature on the App Store. If you’re aiming to get your app featured, you should focus on building a native iOS app. In addition, Apple likes to check the native apps as they offer high quality and favorable experience. Make sure the app quality is up to the mark as Apple don’t want low-quality stuff.  Building a high quality app will not only get your app featured but it will also earn Apple’s trust.

  1. Error-free functions

Apple would never consider a flawed app. This is a make or break situation, the app built should be simple and impressive. Before getting your app featured make sure you try to fix any bugs and make it error free.

  1. Promote Apple

You should know that Apple prefers its own products over any other. Apple always tries to promote their products. When you build your app with keeping Apple’s product in mind is a great way to get featured on the App store. If you promote Apple’s product Apple will promote your product.

  1. Update your App frequently

This is an effective feature. Apple favors apps that are updated frequently and relevant to the users. Adding updates and features continue to make the app appealing to the users.

  1. Optimize your App Store Page

With the latest release of iOS 11, Apple has revamped the App Store in different categorise and highlight the most important details of a product. Optimising your page will increase the number of downloads each and every information posted on

  1. Design a creative Icon

Your icon is the first thing people see when searching for an app. Your Icon should be unique, distinctive and enticing. To increase the click-through of your app your design should be able to stand out among the heavy competition. Make sure your icon is vibrant and memorable.

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Daniel J. Michael’s is the Editor at IOS Development Company in Singapore, where he specializes in iOS apps and Apple products. He’s always searching for new gadgets and loves to explore how they work.