Flowerling: Erasing All our Carbon Footprint one Tree at a Time

Flowerling’s tagline ‘Pick a Flower. Send a Flower. We Plant a Tree’ pretty much says it all. Pick a flower from their beautiful assortment of bouquets, or a single rose if you prefer, even potted plants! Send a Flowerling to anyone, anywhere, anytime for any reason and Flowerling will plant a real tree in Madagascar through their Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. That’s right. A real tree that will work to reduce your carbon footprint.

You think that’s the best part? Flowerlings are virtual and actually age in real time. So that single rose you sent to your BFF cause they landed that sweet job will actually bud, bloom, and wilt, over eight days, right on their phone. Add a selfie or image from your camera roll, throw in a vase from the Flowerling shop and you now have something uniquely you.

Starting at just five coins ($0.99) for a single rose, Flowerlings are a fun and easy way to say ‘Thinking of you’ without breaking the bank. Friends can share Flowerlings they have received via the Social Media sharing link quick and easy right from the iOS app. Initial Flowerlings are sent via Text or email, which arrive with simple and easy instructions to download the app and their Flowerling gift. After that they become part of your friends and family for direct app-to-app sending. And don’t worry, you can still send Flowerlings to non-iOS users. They can watch their gift age online.

is a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them while making a positive impact on our planet. And with their current 3-day Free Trial you can send up to 20 Flowerlings, for free. By the way, if you do send all 20 you will have effectively erased 42% of your annual carbon footprint. The app is free, the trial is free but the trees are real. Check it out today. Available on the Apple App Store.