Game Review – AQuizMatics

Who needs math skills? Or at least, that’s what every student in the world asks themselves whenever they sit down to solve a quadratic equation or perform trigonometry.
We all need math skills. Although high-level calculus might be little beyond everyday requirements, the ability to perform fast mental arithmetic, work out percentages, and understand basic equations is useful in the supermarket, the office, and everyday life.

What is AQuizMatics?

AQuizMatics is a match style math game that requires of you to connect number blocks so their total value equals that of the target number. Sometimes you’ll have to figure out the target number too! Whit a slide of your fingertips you’ll have to connect the numbers on the grid and release to submit the solution, improving your math skills along the way! AQuizMatics offers two different game modes: Normal and Timed. Within the time mode you get the same gameplay but with limited amount of time to complete the challenge which will train your brain in getting faster at solving those fun math puzzles!

Standout features

AQuizMatics, with its fun and colorful design, simple yet brilliant gameplay and puzzle mechanics made us fall in love with the concept of gameplay, brain training and education combined!
AquizMatics have multiple levels, fun and challenging math puzzles, and simple gameplay appropriate for all ages.
Get addicted to those math puzzles, tease your brain and enjoy hours of fun and education on your smartphone screen with AQuizMatics!

Download it today at the App Store and start upgrading your rusty math skills!