Panasonic EX700 Smart 4K TV with Ultra HD – Review

Nowadays, choosing a TV for your home is a difficult task. There is just so much choice on the market, and knowing which one is best suited for you and your living room can be a challenge. That’s why the majority of people will simply guess, and opt for one that they like the design of, rather than considering the performance or specifications.

But, one of the models that I’ve been extremely impressed with in 2017 is the Panasonic TX-50EX700B. Therefore, I’ve decided to provide you with my thoughts on the TV, so you can acquire one if you wish. I got mine from who are currently running their Black Friday campaign where you can get products for a much cheaper price.


As soon as you see the Panasonic EX700 it catches your eye, at least it did for me. It just looks so streamlined and fresh, with the thin, silver frame complimenting the overall slim TV. This is great, as when you’re watching it, the frame doesn’t take anything away from the actual screen. As for the stand – it’s very practical, robust and aesthetic. It is also quite versatile, and it can be switched between central and wide, depending on where you’re positioning it.


The picture quality on this TV is extremely good, and that should be expected considering it’s a 4K HDR television. What’s also great about the Panasonic EX700 is that it’s compatible with the new HLG standards, which means you won’t need to change your TV anytime soon. Big broadcasters such as Sky and the BBC are going to be utilizing the standard to display UHD HDR shows. In addition, it’s also compatible with HEVC and VP9, which are two more for the future.

As for the colours and sharpness – I was rather impressed considering it doesn’t have e Super Bright panel installed. The contrast between colours is what you’d expect from this level of TV, and Panasonic have only opted for local dimming within this model. Plus, it has a brilliant HCX2 processor, and a 1600Hz back light, both of which enhance the image. But, one thing you should be aware of is that the TV does have motion blur.


Panasonic decided to use the same speaker system in this model as they did in the upgraded EX750 version, which is superb. The system is two 10W full-range speakers with a simulated surround sound. It’s wonderful when you’re just watching TV in your living room, but I decided to add a sound bar just to take it up a notch. Although, that certainly isn’t necessary.


So, in this day and age, you definitely need to have a good Smart TV platform, and Panasonics is the Home Screen 2.0. Personally, I found it to be fantastic, and it includes everything you need such as BBC iPlayer, All 4, My5, ITV Player, Amazon Instant Video 4K, Netflix 4K and YouTube 4K. You even have a Netflix button on the remote!

Furthermore, there’s also an impressive variety when it comes to connectivity. You’ll have in-built Wi-Fi and an ethernet port, 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports which has a USB 3.0 as well. If you don’t have a subscription to a TV service, then there is a basic Freeview tuner.