Inner Oracle Cards App for Healing and Transformation

The way we think is heavily influenced by the unconscious mind. Unbeknownst to many, it controls 90% of the way we think and behave, even our preferences and because it is unconscious, we are unaware of how it imposes its influence on us.

Remaining in the dark about the unconscious makes changing, healing and transforming of it to be difficult. In the words of Dr. Carl Jung, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

The app, Inner Oracle Cards is designed to guide you to understanding the inner workings of your unconscious and to heal and to let go of limiting beliefs and retained emotions.

Imagine yourself struggling because of the way someone treats you, allowing you to remember some similar pains of the past. The pain from the past reemerges because it was something that was never fully dealt with. Your present then suffers because of the way you project the past onto it. But, if you come to a better understanding, a clearing of emotions, you will find that dealing with your present becomes easier. You will be able to make choices with more clarity and in turn have power over your choices and behavior.

This is where Inner Oracle Cards comes in.

Here’s how it works:

Selecting Your Card Reading

You will have four decks of cards to choose from, namely: Issue Cards, Negative Tendency Cards, Conscious Affirmation Cards and Unconscious Affirmation Cards.

You will be presented an Issue Card at random. But, nothing is truly random, according to Jung, and that purposeful and synchronistic is the best way to put it. With this in mind, every Issue Card presented to you ‘at random’ is exactly the very issue that you are dealing with in the present. It serves as the reflection of your unconscious into your now.

Imagine that the Pain & Feelings card is what you get. The next step is to tap on the Negative Tendency deck. Imagine that the card you draw says ‘Insensitivity’.

It might not immediately make sense to you, and that’s fine because then we move on to the next deck. Tapping on the Conscious Affirmation Cards will present you with four choices such as : “A symptom will be in your life only as long as it’s needed to alert you to the job of clearing an underlying distortion of consciousness. Then it’s free to go.”

Or, it could say, “The fire alarm is not how we put out the fire. Pain is only for the purpose of awakening. You can surrender your mistaken attachment to healing through pain.”

There will be two more choices and from the four you will pick the one that resonates with you the most.

Let’s say for example that you go with the first choice about symptoms. The next thing you must do is tap on the Unconscious Affirmation deck. Again, you will be presented a card at random that could say something like, “If you are not getting something you want, increase your loving. Love brings fulfillment.”

And there you have it … you now have the information you need.

Integrating the Card Reading

Now that you have all the cards laid out in front of you, take time to let it all sink in and seep deep. Evaluate yourself and how the messages are relevant to what’s been going on. This way, you allow these things to come into your consciousness and once it is there, healing can begin.

Take the information and try to piece everything together. Do not discount any of the cards to be less important than the other just because the reality of it is hard to accept.

Listen to the messages. Do not be hardened by the pain of acceptance that comes with realizing the truth.

Let the meaning sink in

The app will then encourage you to take deep breaths and to let yourself go through any release of emotions that the reading may have brought about.

To deepen the healing process, you will be asked to close your eyes, to allow your inner wisdom to come into play. Here you may gain new insights that will help you face your current situation.

To conclude the session and to integrate the healing, it is suggested you take a few minutes of silence.

Go Deeper Into Healing the Issue

The process, for many, is effective in guiding them to new insights by means of reflection, enabling them to heal and to face their issues and any negative tendencies. But, because it is a universal card reading in nature, it may not target something you are dealing with that is more specific.

The creator of Inner Oracle Cards has audio recordings for additional clearing. Rick Moss shares and addresses issues he has studied for decades. Spiritual counseling with Moss offers clearing on more specific issues through one-on-one calls.

Although it seems to be difficult to make the unconscious become conscious, having a guide will make the road to healing easier. The Inner Oracle Cards is one way to ease into the journey of healing.