LinguistBook – English Learning Community for All

Learning a language is difficult, there are numerous approaches to take and many methods claiming to help you reach fluency faster than the rest. Language and conversation exchange are believed to be one of the most effective means of language practice so naturally there exists a huge market for tools and apps to help you find partners and engage in conversation exchange. Some of them are really useful and help you find a partner and starts practising quickly, others are a waste of time. Today we are introducing you to LinguistBook, the English learning app that caught our attention!

What is LinguistBook?

LinguistBook is a social chat app that will help you with the practice and improvement of your English speaking and grammar skills. It works in a way which makes finding a language learning partner simple and easy so you can start conversing immediately. Through conversation, language learning can be really fun. Meeting and chatting with new people from all around the world, all with the same goal of improving their English skills is really effective way to implement learning into our everyday life.

What does it offer?

LinguistBook will help you initiate conversations with other users quite easily. It will suggest you a variety of questions for you to ask so you can learn more about your converser. You can add the people you chat with as friends, so you can contact them later when you log in to the app.  Also, LinguistBook provides an access to a series of English learning video courses, with their assistance you can improve the knowledge of the language. It offers learning English grammar with ease and a chance to practice real conversations with real people. This app helps you practice your English, learn new words, find and meet people with same English skills as yours from all around the world.

Download LinguistBook right now from the App Store and experience a new way in practicing and improving your English language skills!