Outrun the Cops in this Exciting Endless Runner – RunawayJRider

The racing genre is one of the most enjoyable for casual gamers and the most challenging for sim players. Much like fighting games, racers can be played with the greatest nonchalance and the utmost skill and expertise. Whether you’re interested in shaving milliseconds off a lap time or smashing opponents with green shells and bouncing off barriers like a bowling ball, there are amazing racing games out there for you. iPhoneGlance has reviewed one of the very best racing games you can play on your iDevice, so read on and happy driving!

What is RunawayJRider?

We’re talking about RunawayJRider, an awesome endless arcade runner that lets you immerse in an off-road and street racing and chasing. Offered by Poez Inc. on the iOS platform, this game shines with HD graphics and animations, engaging sounds and intuitive touch screen controls. Get ready to run away from the cops and to be fully addicted!

How to Play?

The gameplay of RunawayJRider is simple, yet so challenging. You’re playing as a good guy, but the cops aren’t aware of that yet. You have no time to explain, so the only thing you can do is run. Try to outrun the cops in high speed chases, cross many streets and smash through extreme traffic in order to survive this action fast paced racing game and to make high scores. You can also choose from various vehicles and GT (sports) cars/trucks to drive. Explore changing seasons and play through dozens of challenging levels, climb up the global leaderboard and enjoy breathtaking stunts.

Login to GameCenter for multiple device syncing and stay tuned for more cool upcoming features. Download this epic racing adventure for free from the App Store and have fun.