Radio Art – Revolutionary Radio Broadcasting App

There are a virtually endless number of ways to listen to music these days. You can stream them, listen to the radio, watch music videos, and the old methods (like vinyl) are still humming along as they ever were. Sometimes, though, people like to just hit play and let it go without having to manage every little thing like playlists, play order, etc. And when listening to music is combined with stress relief and anxiety reduction techniques, the radio can become something outstanding.  For everyone who likes to listen to music and wind down at the same time, we’d like to present one of the best radio apps developed with that purpose in mind – Radio Art!

What is Radio Art?
Radio Art is European internet radio station which plays variety of music types, but put emphasis on acoustic instruments and natural sounds, specially selected for anxiety reduction and stress-relief. It has really unique system that lets the listener to combine the music they are listening with vast range of natural sounds, like bird songs, the sound of rain or ocean waves hitting the beach, the choices are numerous. This creates kind of beautiful music atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after those long and stressful days.

Radio Art’s cool features
Radio Art currently broadcasts 120 music channels and 24 natural sound channels to listener from over 100 countries. It give the listener the option to create their own radio list with their favorite channels that can be saved so they can be accessed at any time. It also have sleep and alarm timer available. This app best feature of providing you with the ability to mix the music with beautiful natural sounds is enhanced with the option to adjust the volume of the sounds to your liking, to give you the best listening experience. The sound is high quality at 192Kbps, and if you choose the subscription plan you will not be bothered with any commercial messages, only amazing music without interruptions.

Discover the art of relaxing and winding down with this cool radio app, pour yourself cup of warm coffee or tea, cozy up and start listening to the vast collection of beautiful music at Radio Art! Download it right now at the App Store.