If you like Monster Hunter, you really should play Dragon Project

If you like Monster Hunter, why haven’t you played Dragon Project yet? It might not have the same name, but that shouldn’t put you off. This is Monster Hunter in spirit, but it also works an absolute treat on mobile.

You’ll still spend the vast chunk of your time dispatching monsters and looting their bloody corpses for resources, which you use to craft better gear to kill bigger monsters.

But developer goGame has put an awful lot of effort into streamlining the experience for your mobile phone. The environments are smaller, for one, so you can get right into the action rather than waste time looking for stuff to kill.

Combat is also a breeze, thanks to the one touch controls. You swipe around to move, and tap to attack, use skills, gather resources, and speak to people. It’s simple and intuitive.

And that’s exactly what you want when out and about. You can even quickly teleport to a desired battle area when you want to get all crafty.

We haven’t even mentioned the best feature yet either. That’s clearly the monsters you can battle alongside your friends, or whoever happens to be near at the time.

These battles can happen at any time while out fighting in the world, and are full of action as you work as a team to bring down your opponent. You earn valuable rewards for completing them as well.

So just quit whatever you’re doing right now and head on over to the App Store to grab Dragon Project. Might be worth convincing a friend or two to join in the fun as well.