App Review – Timokids

Your child’s education doesn’t have to stop after school. With the right app on your smartphone you will be able to easily assist your kid to develop his skills and better the communication with him while letting him have fun and learn though fun games. Many apps out there are offering help but no every one of them can help guide your children. To help you, we looked and found one great and helpful app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is Timokids?

Timokids is one highly helpful and efficient education app which is developed for IOS users, easy to use and especially created for parents and teachers as a support tool for topics related to child training, helping them assist their kids to develop their skills. This app is allowing them to keep the interest of the child and help him learn though many original and fun stories and games. With the help of this app, parents can guide their children, better the communication with their kids in all phases of childhood. Created by psychologists, pedagogues and specialists, the app is guiding the kids through issues like bullying, respect for differences, Sexual Harassment and others.

Why do we love it?

This education app is present in more than 180 countries, offering the kids safe environment without any kind of propaganda. With the app parents can assist their children in the psychosocial development. The app contains original content and stories focusing on guided and assisted communication, which talks about the most important and difficult subjects of the universe of children. The characters in the stories are specially developed with a focus on stimulating children’s psychosocial and sensory development. Using the app, kids can develop psychomotor, visual and auditory skills through stories and games. The app is offering in the stories the option of Interactivity through the record voice function that gives the parents the control of the education process, offering them to choose which designs their child will attend. Using this app, parents and teachers can fell more present in every moments of the life of their child.

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