Solitaire, The Card Game we all Love

I remembered when we were in school and during our Information Technology lessons we always find a chance to play a bit of Solitaire on the Windows PC. I use to concentrate more on playing than listening to my tutor and whenever we get caught we use to get a really good telling off. It was worth it because it was a game I absolutely loved. I didn’t have a computer at home when I was younger and I wish I did, just to play Solitaire.


Times have change and now we have games on our phones. Games to keep us occupied if we are bored or on the journey to work. I kept the love for Solitaire all these years and my work commute mostly involved me staring at my iPhone playing away. Now there really aren’t any apps or games I think could keep me so intrigue that I miss my stop but Solitaire have done so a couple of times. If your journey is as long as mine then you will understand why you need to play a game that involves a lot of patience and takes time to complete. Talking about patience, that’s what the game is actually called in the UK.

Solitaire is fairly easy to play and the ultimate goal is to avoid getting stuck. Get all the cards into Suite stack at the top. Once the an Ace is in its Suite Stack, you can place additional cards of the same suite in that Suite Stack. Sound too complicated, not to worry check the steps below.

  • Drag a card onto any card of opposite suite and 1 greater value. Aces low.
  • Click on a face-down card to flip it into play
  • Drag (or double-click) Aces to the “Suite Stacks” at the top
  • Click the deck (top-left) to cycle through its cards.
  • Drag Kings onto empty card stacks.

If you want to try Solitaire there is a free solitaire app for android available.