Ariv – Revolutionary Ride-Sharing Service

Millions of people rush across the cities to work, study, drink, go out, etc. That’s wonderful, but the influx of people presents a very real logistical problem: massive shortages of public transportation.Luckily, the rise of on-demand ride-sharing services has made hailing a private sedan, SUV, or taxi a cinch. But not all ride-hailing apps are created equal. Some have the advantage of volume, while others offer the best price or superior technology.That’s why we’ve presenting to you today one of our favorite ride-sharing apps to get you safely wherever you go – Ariv.

What is Ariv?

Ariv is an innovative ride-sharing solution created for both drivers and riders. It is a subscription based app that’s created to alleviate many of the issues faced by drivers and to provide the riders with significant benefits at the same time. The app is designed with intuitive user interface, it’s easy to use and has a goal to change the whole ride-sharing industry. Now comes with Android & iOS version to suit all drivers.

Why do we love it?

Do you want to have a car at your doorstep in minutes, with the press of a button? Do you want to forget about surging? Then, Ariv is the right app for you. This company has experienced and professional drivers with background checks and clean drivers records, it offers beautiful and secure vehicles and it comes with monthly affordable discounts and subscriptions. Even if you’re a driver, it can give you 100% commission fare on each ride. If you join this company, you will be able to make your own schedule and earn extra income. Remember, the Ariv app away any surge prices which fluctuate during certain times of the day, which is good for both drivers and riders.

If you want to enjoy a more streamlined and convenient ride experience, download Ariv today from the App Store. It’s soon coming on Google Play too. For more useful info, visit the app’s official website.