PlayUp is a Great Opportunity to Win Real Prizes By Playing Fantasy Sports

Fantasy world leagues are fun. But, what if we told you that you can play fantasy world challenges and real prizes with a fantasy app that features all the sports? You are probably interested and that is why today we will preset PlayUp. It’s the best and world’s first fantasy app that has global daily and weekly challenges.

Universal, for all kinds of sports

Developed for iPhone users, easy to use and especially created for fans of fantasy sports, this sports app is allowing its users to find their favorite fantasy sport, pick their challenge and win real prize money for each game. This is the first free global fantasy sports app that offers users to choose among different fantasy sports as American football, cricket, basketball, soccer and more, just with entering the app’s lobby and filtering by sport, finding their favorite sport. Users get to challenge themselves in many games while winning money for their skills.

Global challenges

PlayUp as an global fantasy sports app for iOS users, offers all fantasy sports fans to find their favorite game easily, challenge themselves in different games and win many different money prizes for their achievements. With the help of this app, users can create their line-up of players, choose players that are in good shape, players that are due for playing and choose their strategy selection by preference. The players in the games can accrue points which are basing on their live performance.

The user just needs to worry to get on top of the live leaderboard. For every challenge that the user wins, he is getting prizes in real money. The prizes can be used in the app’s gift shop for purchasing gift vouchers or products. On the app, users are also offered to use the training ground created as an practice facility and it’s simulating real life fantasy sports experience while keeping users acquainted with the fantasy sports daily. On the ultimate champion leaderboard, users get to rank themselves by their wins in different challenges and determine the ultimate fantasy sports player of the year or of the season. The best players are being added in the Hall of Fame.