Twin Diamonds – Challenging One-Touch Arcade Game

One of the most popular games that are developed for our smartphones are certainly the arcade games. We can say that one of the most addictive ones and entertaining ones of them are the one touch arcade game that will challenge you while letting you have fun playing. But, finding the best one of them is not easy. To help you, we looked and we have one touch arcade that will satisfy your taste for sure. Let’s discuss about this exciting game.

What is Twin Diamonds?

Twin Diamonds is one highly addictive and entertaining one touch arcade game which is developed for iOS users that want to challenge themselves in endless levels, daily challenges while winning rewards and getting high on the game’s global leaderboard. This game is offering its players to enjoy the minimalistic cool design with amazing visuals and all of that followed by hand crafted audio to guide them through their journey. The game is quite challenging but yet keeping the players interested, pushing them to master the game and better their arcade skills.

Why do we love it?

On this amazing arcade game, players that want to master the game are advised to play in short bursts to get the best results. Players on the game need to complete quests, open rewards and unlock new avatars or background tracks for complete immersion of the game. The game is offering ever-changing endless levels that will challenge the player no matter how many times he plays the game.

The minimalistic aesthetics of the game are allowing the player to choose from 12 different twin characters to play with, each with unique sound effects. The task of the player is to navigate two mirrored diamonds through an endless maze of obstacles. Melodic background tracks will accompany the player through high score after high score, frustrating defeat or jubilant flurry. The game is leading the player down a path to mastery of rhythm, risk and reward, offering him to get on top of the leaderboard.

Download the game now on App Store for free.