App Review – Spelling Stage

With the right spelling app on your smartphone you can make it easy to give kids the help they need in a fun and engaging way! Stop the constant battles to get your kids to write their spelling words and instead turn learning into something they enjoy that will help make learning easier. With many apps out there finding the best one for this purpose is not easy. To help you, we looked and found a fun spelling app perfect for kids over 4 years. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Spelling Stage?

Spelling Stage is one amazing, entertaining and in the same time challenging education app which is developed for IOS users to help them easily learn how to spell while allowing them to have fun playing games and be a part of many competitions and winning awards. The app is easy to use, simple created for users over the age of 4 as a helpful tool with challenging sessions of spelling games. On this app, users will be able to learn to spell, play with other people, family and friends, and enjoy the fun narration and awesome characters.

Why do we love it?

This spelling app is allowing users to play in three unique competitions from kindergarten to national champions. On the app, users are offered to learn spelling words in a very unique way. Users are able to join worldwide contests, collect many wardrobe awards when they pass each contest and customize their look on the app’s character by choice, and even using their own photo for the character. The app includes a 3D touch feature for launching multiple characters that can help users beat the clock and win the game. With joining the community of this app, users are able to start creating and sharing contests, learning and helping others with publishing their own creations. Users can send challenges to friends and family to show off their stage look and compete with them into spelling contests. This app is also great for ESL students. With this app, users can easily learn to spell, have hours of fun playing and competing with friends, engaging in one educational and yet fun process of learning.

Download the app now on App Store for free.