App Review – Central Court

If you love the game of Tennis and want to improve your experience of playing it, then you should take advantage of some of the most useful tennis apps available in the App Store. Having these apps installed on your iPhone will not only make the game more fun but will also reveal interesting information about how you play, making it possible for you to study your performance and improve your game. Some of these apps like the one we are going to discuss now, will even keep you updated with what’s happening in the tennis community, lets you stay in touch with your club friends, rivals and meet new people. Meet Central Court!

What is Central Court?

Central Court is social and sports app, developed for iOS users which will give you the ability to track your tennis scores, matches statistics and will help you connect with your tennis friends, rivals and colleagues. The app records all of your tennis matches, just star the application at the beginning of each match and add some data at the finish of the match and you are done. All of your matches will be saved in the cloud so you can access and view them at any time. With Central Court you will have access to statistics of all your tennis matches whether in singles or doubles. This way, by analyzing your stats, you will have a chance to improve your performance. The app also keeps history of all of your match results with each rival, with a Head2Head like the ATP pros.

Social tennis experience

With this app you can easily follow your friends, club buddies and other professional tennis players, so you can view each other’s activities, scores and statistics and encourage each other with likes and comments. You can also share photos on your profile, to showcase the best and most memorable moments of your tennis with your friends and followers. The app gives the opportunity for friendly competition with a personalized tennis ranking, for you and your rivals. The app also have sharing features so you can easily and in an instant share your matches, scores and photos to your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media accounts you have.

All in all, Central Court is an amazing app that will better your tennis experience. No matter if you are a beginner, pro or just casual player, you ought to try this one as it really is one of the best at the market right now. Download it for free from the App Store and enrich your tennis experience right now.