Nufie – Cool Social Networking App for People with Similar Interests

One of the most popular apps are certainly the social networking apps. Using this type of app can help easily meet new people, share your interests with them, and find new friends that share the same taste as you. With many apps for this purpose, finding the right one can’t be easy. To help you, we found one app that offers you to create activities and find new friends based on your similar interests easily and fast, without much effort. Let’s discuss about this friendly app.

What is Nufie?

Nufie is one highly entertaining and practical social networking app which is developed for IOS users in order to help them find people to share interests with, create their own activities or find activities by their taste, fast and simple. Using this app is quite easy and it’s offering users to become a pioneer and co-creator of the Nufie’s universe. With this app, users are able to invite their friends and even meet new friends while sharing with them their interests by creating fun activities. Users can easily explore the app and quickly find the right people that will share their taste.

Why do we love it?

This social networking app for IOS is allowing users to easily create their own activities on the app and share them with other users. Also, users can find the activities that match their taste as new friends in their area. With using this app, users can choose to make their own created activities public or private, deciding with who they want to share them. Users can also decide the number of attendees on their activities.

The app is allowing users to translate the activities on their own language easily. On the app, users are able to make the activities they chose to be seen only by male or only by female. With the help of this app, users can always keep track of the activities, getting notifications when some other user creates an activity that matches their interest. The app will help users to find their interests and meet friends that share the same taste as them without much effort.

Download the app now on App Store for free and don’t forget to check out its official website.