Have A Ball With Your Friends With The New sports Betting App, PlaynBrag!

The beautiful game that is football is everywhere and whether you play the sport or just prefer to sit back with a few beers and watch it, there is no denying the thrill you experience when your team scores a goal. Now you can take the excitement one step further by sharing the experience with your friends with the new fantasy sports app, PlaynBrag.

PlaynBrag allows you to experience the world’s favourite game at your fingertips and place bets for fun using virtual cash or try your luck with the real deal. The rules are simple; you create your own team and league then invite your mates to join. Choose teams that you think will win and the player with the most points at the end of the league is victorious. Simples, eh?


The app’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you  to view results, fixtures and group tables right from the home page…but the real fun starts once you have created your own league with friends (or joined a public one). Having your own league means that you’re in control and can create your own rules.

Not only is the app free from the app store or google play store, there are zero advertisements meaning no interruptions while you place your bets. Bosh. If football isn’t your cup of tea, you can have a hole lot of fun betting against the Golf Majors as well. The rules are pretty similar where you choose up to 10 golfers and create your own private team or join a public one. Golfers in the top 50 standings get points and the team with the most points at the end of the tournaments wins!


Some additional smart features include a comments box so you can have a good old banter with your friends as the games go on and also a link to a blog for all avid sports fans to keep up to date with the latest results – not just in football and golf – but racing, rugby and boxing as well.  

If you love sports, betting and a good challenge then it’s time to download PlaynBrag for free from the App Store or Google Play – good luck and may the best team win!