Bankable Celebrations – Create & Send Greetings & Gifts with Your Loved Ones

A great way to tell your loved ones your feelings is through a letter or a card. Think about what you want to write and your letter might just be super effective in touching them. Though this way of expressing thoughts is quite traditional and on the brink of fading, but iOS devices found a way to revive it for users to use and appreciate through apps which let its users send a card to their family and friends in an instant.

Send your greetings in a fun & personalized way

Bankable Celebrations is a great e-card app that lets you send greeting cards directly from your phone to your friends. The app gives you the ability to personalize the cards so they are just perfect for the person you are sending it to. Bankable Celebrations offers many categories of e-cards to choose from, all suitable for different occasions including Birthdays, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Weddings and Weddings Anniversaries, Congratulations and many more. All the greeting cards come with the option to be highly customized with unique features like adding your own signature, attaching a photo or personalized video message.

Send online gift cards to friends, family & loved ones

Bankable Celebrations have variety of cards including: Animated, Musical, Personalized Cards and Gift Cards. The online gift cards are a great way to show and send some extra love and attention to the card receiver. The option to send gift card alongside the greeting one is great for last minute birthday gifts in our busy day to day lives. Bankable Celebrations offers many different online gift cards like ones from Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Starbucks, Target and more.

Combining the art of greeting cards with the functionality of online gift cards is what makes Bankable Celebrations a great e-card app. You can find and download Bankable Celebrations at the App Store for free.