Using Smart Home Gadgets to Make Your Home Feel Extra Festive

Our homes are becoming more and more connected – we can control everything from home appliances to interior lighting with a touch of our smartphones. Smart home gadgets are making our lives easier and our homes more beautiful – but if you haven’t decided to indulge in a connected household just yet, here are some great reasons to invest this festive season.

Add magical, musical moments to your Christmas with Google Home

This super-nifty and massively clever Wi-Fi device will totally transform your home life. From completely organising your day, to linking up your lights, Google Home is the domestic saviour we all need, making it the most coveted gadget of 2018. This Christmas, Google Home is perfect for creating the ultimate festive ambience. It’s compatible with all the top streaming services, so after spending some time crafting your perfect playlist, just call on your Google Home to play it. Add some musical moments to Christmas Dinner, or play something nostalgic for your New Year’s bash.

Hive brings us the cosiest, snuggest winter evenings

Picture this: you’ve been on a long, wintery-walk through the sparkly frost of the park, your hands are freezing, your toes are going numb, and you’re convinced the tip of your nose is getting frost bite. You get out your phone, and set your heating to come on. By the time you’re home, the whole house feels completely toasty and warm. It’s all so easy to do with Hive. Some Hive kits even come with free installation, so you can have it set up in no time at all. If you have Google Home, you can set your Hive thermostat to come on at set times in the day, saving precious energy.

Give your twinkling tree lights the best treatment with Phillips Hue

There’s something really special about having twinkling lights in your home at Christmas – it’s reminiscent of sparkling snow, glittery gifts, candle light and of course Santa’s spangled sleigh. So, why should we drown out the magic with bright, intrusive house lights? Phillips Hue kits allow you to choose from 16 million colours and some let you choose the dimness of your lighting too. You can even schedule your lights to turn on and off when you need them to.

The perfectly timed, perfectly organised Christmas lunch courtesy of Google Home Mini

Relax, put your feet up and crack open the chocolates while you wait for your Christmas lunch to cook. Your Google Home mini has really handy functions that allow you to set a timer for each part of your dish. With a simple “Hey Google, set a 2 hour timer for turkey” – you’re sorted. Google Home will remind you when everything is done, even if they’re all at separate times.  You can even ask how long is left, so you know if you’ve got time to fit in another TV Christmas Special.