90 Day Diet – Diet Effectively & Lose Weight

Losing weight and getting healthy is a huge commitment and if you don’t take the time and energy to track your progress and your goals, the chances of you falling off the “health bandwagon” are great. Rather than fail at your weight loss goals, why not use a tool to track those goals that’s at your disposal 24/7? With the capabilities of the iPhone, use a proper iPhone app to lose weight and get in shape.

We reviewed some of the best iOS apps for losing weight and for dieting effectively. That’s how we’ve picked 90 Day Diet! Read on and see what the app is all about.

What is 90 Day Diet?

90 Day Diet delivers everything you will need to attack this life changing diet and lose weight fast. Stick to it and in 90 days you could have lost as much as 70lbs. Just think how much better you will feel. The only downside to this diet is that you will need a new wardrobe! This app makes this, easy to follow, diet even easier to do. Based on detoxifying and food combining you will not only lose weight, you could radically change your metabolism so you can keep it off – no more yo-yo dieting – no more starving on lettuce leaves!

What does the app offer?

The diet portion of the 90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight encourages you to eat more natural, less-processed foods. That means filling your diet with real, whole foods. The plan suggests healthy proteins such as poultry, eggs, lean meats, tofu and beans; beneficial carbs including oatmeal, brown rice and fruit; and healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, safflower oil and nuts. The app also emphasizes eating plenty of vegetables. Moreover, not only diet but also you can track your weight by it easy to understand graphs and with its well organized calendars it is easy to follow each kind of diet per day, in addition, you are also aware about the days you spend on this diet plan app.

This awesome app is available in both free and PRO version and the amazing thing is that it is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Get it now from the App Store and check out its official website!