RuneScape on Mobile Available in 2018

You read correctly people, the popular fantasy MMORPG game that lets you roam lands, chop trees down, go fishing, fight in combats and collect coins will be available on mobile in 2018. RunScape was originally realised in January 2001 for desktop and 16 years after we are set to have the game we know and love on iPhone and iPad. With a mobile-optimised interface and cross-platform play between mobile and desktop versions, you will know able to play at anytime and anywhere.

We haven’t got the exact month when it will be released in 2018 but we are hoping it’s the first quarter of the year. You can register your interest here to keep up to date.

I for one is quite excited about the release and cannot wait to be able to play my favourite game whilst i’m sat on the train on the way to work.

Stay Tune!