App Review – Panion

We use the apps on our smartphones for many different purposes, many of them can keep us entertained or help us with our daily and work tasks. When it comes to meeting new people or finding friends with similar interests as ours, there are apps that offer us to easily explore and look for people and make new friends. To help you, we looked and we found one amazing app that can help you find potential friends easily. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Panion?

Panion is one highly helpful and effortless lifestyle app which is developed for IOS users, offering people wonderful inbox for potential friends. With this app, users will be able to easily tag their profile with keywords that best represent them and search for others with overlapping interests. No matter if the user discovered new hobby, wants to make new friends or meet new people, the app allows him to find people nearby, quickly. Using the app, users can find people that share common interests, values, goals and experiences with them.

Why do we love it?

On the app all users need to do is to explore other user’s profiles by scrolling and tapping on profiles that they like and share interests with, to swipe left for profiles that aren’t theirs match, to swipe right for meeting people they like, or to run keyword searches to find specific partnerships. With the app, users can find workout partners, couples, parents, a language exchange, professional contacts, mentors, co-founders and connect with similar people within a specific community. Users will be able to discover similar people nearby and search for individuals by keywords for finding specific interest.

Also, users can request a new keyword in any language and engage with their matches for meetings in live. The app allows its users to filter by gender, age, or language and to explore recommended and trending keywords to start meeting their perfect matches.

Download the app now on App Store for free.