Audials Radio, More Radio Stations Than you Can Imagine

There are a number of radio apps in the AppStore but none compare to Audials Radio. With over 80,000 stations from across the world you are guaranteed to find a radio station that suits you to listen from your iPhone or iPad. Have you ever asked your friend or a family member what music they listen to and you get the reply ‘anything that really sounds good.’ I call these people the fussy music listeners. Everyone has a favour genre but for the fussy music listeners I point then to the app Audials Radio. They can spend hours going through and finding out just what they want to listen. Of course it’s not only music that’s on radio, there’s sports, news, politics and much more. Audials can access any radio station from across the world. If you’re from another country, what better way to listen to the stations from your home country allowing you to feel like your home.

Getting started to listen to a radio station couldn’t be any easier. Download the app tap on the radio tab and select from genres, countries, radio broadcast stations, top hots playing right now, top artists and suggestions.

There are so much stations to choose from. Whether you’re into rock, hip-hop, soul, R&B, latin, pop, just about any type of music the app puts them into categories which make it easier for users to find. If you find a station that you like, then you can add it to your favourite, so you can find without scrolling through the thousands of stations available. The app has Airplay which allows you to stream to an Apple device. Also, if you have a car with Bluetooth then you can listen to your favourite stations whilst on way to work. The app is pack with great features, the car mode allows you to enjoy radio stations with an optimised and easy to use view. There’s also sleep mode, which allows you to set a timer on how long you wish for the app to play. So you can go to bed with a piece of mind that should you fall asleep the app will shut down.

You can record the station you are listening just in-case you want to refer to something in the future. So if the news or a talk show is interesting then you can record and listen again. If for some reason you cannot find radio stations that you normally listen to then you can actually ‘add station’ by either the URL or a link to a .MP3 or .PLS file. Like I said there are over 80,000 stations in the Audials Radio app, so if you have to add one then I would be extremely surprise.

Audials Radio is one of those apps that is a must for your device. Guess what, it’s absolutely free, no even adverts. Hard to believe then get it a try. Download on the App Store.