Hiyo – Less Small Talk, More Conversation

The Internet is a huge resource of knowledge and information where you can find virtually anything. But, very often there are situations where you aren’t able to find the answers to your questions or an advice for a particular situation. Fortunately there are apps out there that can be used to find peoples thoughts and opinions about a particular topic and much more. We present you Hiyo the app where you can ask questions and get answers or advice from real people online.

What is Hiyo?

Hiyo is a great question & answers social app that connects people from all over the globe, all from different walks of life and points of view. With Hiyo you can create a Topic Card in which you can ask a particular question you want to hear different opinions on and start discussions about it with people from all over the world. You can also choose already existing Topic Card and share your opinions and views with the other people. It’s a great and fun way to learn about how other people perceive and view things differently from you. Hiyo is a great platform, and its purpose is to connect people with different backgrounds, ages and interests to share their worldviews, opinions, thoughts and knowledge.

Hiyo features

How important is freedom of speech for a healthy society? What do you think about the concept of an afterlife? Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? No matter the question, Hiyo strives to be a friendly environment where people will feel comfortable asking all of their questions and discuss them with others, whether that is what’s on their mind, sharing their personal thoughts or collecting perspectives on a particular topic. It’s simple, the user just creates or finds Topic Card of their interest and swipes right to start a conversation. They can exchange text or voice messages. The option to stay anonymous is a thing Hiyo respects and the app takes great care in keeping its users identities private. If users of the app hit it off while conversing in a particular Topic Card, they can connect to get to know each other better, and even with that, the users have full control of how much info about themselves they’ll share. So if someone wants to stay completely anonymous they for sure can.

Got a burning question you want answered or simply want to discuss and share opinions or views with other people? Find & download Hiyo at the App Store!