letsRUMBL – Daily Fantasy Sports

Chances are that you’re here because it’s time for your favorite sport to begin its season. You’re looking for a fun way to get in on the action and fantasy sports are a good choice. It’s fun, competitive, and low energy. With the right app on your phone you can easily choose the best players, have fun competing with players worldwide and even win cash prizes for your achievements. So, we looked and we found the best app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is letsRUMBL?

letsRUMBL is one highly entertaining and helpful sports app for fantasy sports which is developed for IOS users, especially created for all fans and players of fantasy sports. With the help of this app, players will be able to simply draft and win, without much effort, easy to play and easy to win.  The app has the fastest drafting system in the world, the player needs to only pick a player from each Star Tier and it’s done. Perfect for the fantasy sport player on the go, the app is awarding free cash pay-outs to top performing players EVERY week.

Why do we love it?

letsRUMBL is offering its users to choose between 2 game modes such as head to head for challenging a friend or let the app match the player with a rival or the group mode for playing with more friends for winning bigger prizes. On the app, players get to earn new badges every day with the Achievement system or to use the app’s amplifier to create up to 25 games at once.  With this app, users can get free entries to the leaderboards every week, draft in seconds without any salary cap contests and constantly keep up with live scoring to follow their player’s every move.

Users on the app can add their friends to their rival list then squash in H2H or GROUP contests or if the user wants to get back to action he can use the 1 touch rematch.  Users can send other users friendly nudges to get them to join a contest. Each day many cash prizes are available for top players as cash prizes for the top performing players every week. Download the app now on App Store for free.