KissPay – Show Your Appreciation in A Unique Way

The holiday season rightly makes people think about how they can give to others. Charitable organizations are emulating the ease at which you can shop from your phone by offering their donation services right from their mobile apps. So you really have no excuse not to help people who need it.

But navigating the world of charity can sometimes feel uncertain; as you want to make sure that your money is going to a reputable cause and not a fraudulent scheme. If you’re unsure of where to start, here is one app that we would love to share with you today.

What is KissPay?

There are many ways of showing appreciation like sending gifts or donations but, KissPay connects the patron directly with a recipient via a fun, simple and way. A person who wishes to show appreciation simply opens up the KissPay app and sends ‘Kisses’ to an individual or group. The recipient receives this on their KissPay app in the form of KissCredits. Every KissCredit received represents one US dollar. The recipient receives their KissCredits on a personal KissPay branded prepaid debit card and can easily change them to their local currency meaning you won’t be needing to lose time in the banks!

Why do we choose it?

KissPay has an ‘Incognito’ mode meaning as an appreciation sender you can choose whether you want it to stay anonymous or not. If you are an individual recipient of KissPay, only your  KissID, your profile picture and description available to others.  Credit card and other personal sensitive data such as location are never stored on your device or on our servers. The act of giving has never been more fun and simpler! You can get the app for free on your iOS devices – it’s available on the App Store.