Kidgy Parental Control App

We live in a world where believe it or not we have to control what our children are doing on their devices. Not because you don’t trust them but because the internet can be just as bad as it’s good. It’s difficult to stay on track of what your kids are doing online. Sometimes you are simply busy. This is where the kidgy parental control app comes in. The prefect app to monitor, control and restrict what your kids are doing on their iOS or Android device.

Kidgy not only monitor internet activity but also allow the parent to view message and call logs. The app also allows you to see the child’s current GPS location, all remotely. You can even set a safe zone, whether that’s school or home and you get notifications if they leave that zone. GPS allows you to follow the route history of the device to know exactly where it’s been.

Using Kidgy is easy. Once the app is install and loads, you must choose if you are on a parent or child’s device. I recommend first setting up on your own device. Go ahead a create an account with email and a password. Tap to add the child’s device and the app will run through what you need to do to successfully link the device. You must also install Kidgy on the child’s device. Tap on “Start Linking” on the parent’s device and you are taken to a screen with a 6 digit code you will use to get the child’s device linked. Once you input the code into the child’s device that’s it you are ready to monitor.

My favourite feature is the panic button. This is an alarm button that if your child feels they are in any danger, they can tap and they will be able to contact you. In the panic mode you will automatically see the GPS location of the child’s device.


  • Monitor movements distantly with our GPS tracker;
  • Create geo-fences and get informed when kids enter or leave them;
  • Get alerts from your kid once they are in trouble with Kidgy Panic Button;
  • Set tasks like “do homework”, “walk the dog” and get notified once they are done remotely;
  • Monitor contacts and call logs (if the child’s device is being run on different platform);
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, even the deleted ones (if the child’s device is being run on different platform);
  • View installed apps (if the child’s device is being run on different platform);
  • Block unwanted websites.

Kidgy is free to download, however the features you can use are limited. The premium version cost $9.99 per month or $33.99 for per year. There’s also a 3 months version for only $10.49.

Having a 9 year old child, I have tried a number of different parental control apps and really none compare or have the same features as Kidgy.

Don’t take my word for it, head on over to the AppStore or Google Store to try it out.