How to Build a Top Ranking Mobile app as a Newbie

The degree of personalization, engagement and satisfaction that is possible via mobile apps is difficult to achieve by any other medium. This is why, we find business of all shapes and sizes making use of this medium to retain and expand their clientele. No wonder, the global mobile app market has generated an impressive revenue of 77 billion USD in 2017 alone. These annual revenues are expected to surpass a whopping 189 billion by 2010. Additionally, the two leading app stores i.e. Play Store and Apple App Store currently boast a staggering 2.8 million and 2.2 million apps respectively.

This thriving industry therefore offers great promise to all aspiring developers. But why is it so that only a handful of available apps surpass the auspicious million downloads mark? The reason for this is the sheer ferocity of the competition which makes it extremely tricky to launch and run a top ranking app. Here we have outlined tips on how newbie developers can build a winning mobile app:

  1. Invest time in a winning marketing idea

Owing to the abundance of options available to users, it is imperative that you invest time in creating a unique niche for your product. Here, you can begin by ensuring that your app is:

  1. original
  2. caters to a particular need
  3. builds up on existing apps

Even though platinum play isn’t a unique idea. It is a good example of what you should be doing. It is also recommended that you conduct extensive market research to understand the product/ service that you will be selling. Carter Thomas, of Blue Cloud Solutions, also stressed on the same thing in an interview. He advised aspiring developers to “sit down for a day or two and be honest about why they are getting into the mobile space”.

  1. Keep the introductory app minimalistic

As a newbie developer, you may be tempted to apply your knowledge and create an app that is packed with exciting features. While this may seem right, it is not recommended as it may lead to an elaborate app which might turn out to be complicated to navigate. It is therefore advised that you begin by designing an app that is minimalistic, innovative and easy to use.

According to Philipp Stollenmayer, Kamibox, ‘design is everything’; so make sure that the app is attractive and easy to use. Once launched, you can quickly begin to analyse user feedback pertaining to your app. This information can then form the basis of a more detailed version of your app that has features that your targeted market desires. According to Nick Divona, co-founder Poke Radar, “There is no time to test anything if the demand is high enough. You just have to make sure everything is as correct as possible and push the update”. 

  1. Develop a winning marketing strategy

To cut through the cluster of mobile apps, it is essential that you deploy a winning app marketing strategy. After all, technicalities of app marketing can be a difficult thing to master, especially if you’re just starting off in the industry. This is why, we recommend utilising services such as airG spam to help escalate customer acquisition. 

  1. Devise an intricate engagement plan

Mobile apps present endless opportunities to attract and retain customers. However, you can only take complete advantage of these opportunities if you have a strong customer engagement plan in place. Such a plan will allow you to dig deep into the needs and preferences of your customers to identify effective ways of reaching out to them.

All these tactics mentioned above will rest assured enable you to develop an app that stands out from the crowd in terms of usability and appeal.