Prope Games launches Legend of Coin, a Coin Pusher and Monster Catcher in one

Coining it in

Coin pushers, those addictive arcade games rammed full of shiny coins to tempt you with, aren’t new to the mobile. But developer Prope Games has delivered an unusual take on the formula with Legend of Coin. Launched at the tail end of last year, the game has pennies dropping by the armful, as you’d expect – but there are also monsters to collect and enemies to battle.

Created by Yuji Naka, known for his work on the original Sonic games, Legend of Coin challenges you to collect over 200 monsters to battle enemies, all by playing the coin pusher. Touch the screen to throw coins onto the shelf. Those that are pushed off end up in your coin bank, and can be thrown back in the pile or spent in the in-game shop. But in amongst the silver are monsters. When a monster drops, it’s added to your deck, and can be used to fight whatever enemy you’re faced with in the top part of the screen. Get two of the same monster, and you can combine both to increase its power.

You can also unleash a special attack using Monster Coins, which are scattered amongst the usual pennies, along with other special coins that provide various bonuses. The more you play, the more XP you gain. This allows you to level up, bringing all sorts of benefits including extending the time you have to recover coins.

If you can’t get enough of arcade coin pushers, give Legend of Coin a go. It’s free from Google Play and the App Store.