Gadget Flow iPhone App, Definitely a Cool Way to Buy Gadgets

If you’re ever shopping for gadgets then it’s worth checking out a cool website call Gadget Flow. Whether you’re looking to buy drones, power banks, pool gadgets, accessories, Apple products, just about anything, you name it Gadget Flow has got it. The best thing about the site is, even if you’re not sure about what you want, once you get browsing you will no doubt find something interesting. There are products on the site that I’ve never seen or knew existed, like the infinity levitating spinning top, I was like, what. You can discover thousands of products daily and with the Gadget Flow iPhone App it’s even more easier to do it on the go.

Gadget Flow App allows you to browse through all the products with ease just like you would on your desktop. You can find the latest and greatest products and even crowdfunding projects. The app allows you to view products in Augmented Reality.

Once you download the app you will be given the option to sign up, sign in or login with Facebook account. You will then be taken to the New Products section where you can see the latest gadgets that might interest you. The tabs at the bottom of the iPhone screen along with latest discoveries are categories, which consist of 90 sections to choose from. The discount tab has a list of products, that’s of course gone down in price. You can find products that’s $10, $50, $100, even $200 off. On the wish list tab, this is where  you can add products you like and share them with family and friends. The last one is the “More” tab. This is where you can edit profile, contact support, see the terms of use, privacy policy, help centre and more.

Tap on a product you like and you can see the price, once you tap on the price you will be taken to the seller’s product page where you will be able to purchase it. The interface is amazing and make using the app fun. Navigating through the app could not be any easier, everything just seems to work well.

The Features

  • Discover 12 amazing new products every day
  • Simple, easy to navigate interface
  • Find the best new AR (Augmented Reality) products
  • View products in all their glory with high quality images
  • Product descriptions you’ll actually enjoy reading
  • Explore over 12,000 curated products in 144 categories
  • Take a look at the latest crowdfunding projects
  • Exclusive Gadget Flow deals & discounts
  • Quickly find incredible gifts ideas for any occasion
  • Create your own public or private wish list

Gadget Flow iPhone App is free to download and is also available on Google Play.