Palm Reading With iPhone App PalmistryHD

When you want to know what the future holds, you would usually go to a fortuneteller. They are generally a long session involving the person holding on to your hand and supposedly interpreting the lines of your palm. Who needs the hassle when you can head over to the Appstore and download a palm reading app that give you details of the future in relation to your health, love life, career, finance and happiness. PalmistryHD do just that and more.

PalmistryHD is the palm reading app that all you need to do is take a photo of your palm and get detail predictions of your life. The app also includes a daily horoscope so you can get an insight of the day before you head out to your daily routine. Palmistry is an art and knowing how to interpret the lines on someone’s palm can take years. The app uses a bit of science to get you the readings in less than two minutes.

PalmistryHD is easy to use. Simply download the app. Tap on “palm reading”. Enter your name, then your date of birth. Choose your gender, you then option for either a free read, classic or premium. Getting a free palm read still allows you to get an insight into your life and what the future holds. The classic version is worth $8.99 but gives you even more details such as life, head, heart and fate line. If you want a full palm read then get the premium version which cost $11.99 along with everything from the classic palm read, the app also includes marriage, children, travel, special markings, hand shape, finger shape and mounts.

You might not be a firm believer of the spiritual realm but you have to admit that you are intrigue to know what the future holds. Now is the chance to look at details of what the future might hold. With the horoscope all you need to do is select your star sign and see what today and tomorrow holds. You can even see what the stars said the day before.

Palmistry is available on AppStore and Google Play for free.