PhotoBulk Image Editor for Mac

Running a few websites, I often have to edit images for my articles or even for clients if they are after banner advertisement. It’s sometimes difficult to get the right image editor tool especially being a Mac user. Adobe Photoshop is much too expensive, hence the reason why I have option for a more reasonable and powerful image editor call PhotoBulk.

PhotoBulk app is an easy to use image editor that let you do a number of things with the click of a button. All the features you can think of in an image editor software are packed into PhotoBulk. Image compression, image resizing, convert your image as well and even add watermark so you can protect your images. Just like most editing software you are able to change the image size to your custom dimensions. If you have a website you know that optimisation is important and images are one of things that takes up a lot of memory. PhotoBulk allows you to compress many images with one click and will definitely not compromise on the quality and resolution.

PhotoBulk makes it easy to convert images to another format. The editor works with GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Once you have completed editing your image, the app allows you to preview your work before saving it.

There are 2 versions of the PhotoBulk app for Mac. The LITE version which is free but only offer the watermarking feature. The full version on PhotoBulk cost $9.99 and is well worth it compares to the likes of Adobe Photoshop.

PhotoBulk Mac App is fit for both a regular user or even a professional wishing to edit and protect your images that you put online.

PhotoBulk leaves your images looking amazing and the watermark can be added wherever you want. Try out PhotoBulk if you are new to image editing and want a more reasonable but powerful tool.