Make your perfect online cab order with MINICABS – BOOKING TAXI app

Travel season may be ‘officially’ over, but soon it will be that time of year again when we start booking flights and buying all of the sunscreens that we can carry. (Plus, when has that stopped anyone?) It’s exciting, but traveling brings with it a number of inherent issues. Luckily, thanks to the magic of technology, many of these problems are easily remedied with apps for your mobile device.

An online booking taxi app

Today we have a great tip for those of you who often visit the UK and especially London, to handle your taxi transport effortlessly with the app that we found called MiniCabs. The ride booking app is quite useful for those who live in London to order an online cab and escape all the struggles that usually are experienced by locals. Yes, with this app comfort, fair rates and safety are guaranteed and that’s why we are strongly recommending having it on your iPhone.

Easy to book, multiple paying options

Make wise step and get it MiniCabs app for your IOS device and enjoy the benefits and privileges that comes along with it. It’s fantastic deal of an app which offers you an opportunity to customize your whole transport processes like from pickup date, car model (Saloon, Estate, 7 Seater, 8 Seater, and Executive) and driver you need to drop off, pick up point and your method of payment (Cash, with Credit Card, or use your Paypal account).

As a user of Minicabs app make an order by online booking and get all the details of your Pick Up address, Destination, Date, Time, the number of passengers, bags, and the type of car you choose.

Free to use

If you find this online booking app as a quite useful for your travels, then you can download it on App Store for free and get exclusive comfort treatment to your wanted destination. Enjoy the cab transport like ever before!