Uplet, The Prefect Photo and Video Instagram Uploader for MacOS

If you have a bunch of photos and videos on your Mac that you would like to get on Instagram you would have to somehow transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. Instagram user will know by now that you cannot upload photos and videos from your Mac to the social media. Instagram is designed only to use on a compatible mobile device. However, there are ways to trick it into thinking you are on an iPhone, but why bother with the hassle. It’s probably best to use a software to do the hard work. We recommend Uplet to get things done from your Mac.

Uplet is the prefect app that allows you to upload your photos and videos directly from your Mac. With an easy drag and drop interface you can upload photos by bulk within seconds. Likewise, it’s the same if you have a lot of videos. Using Uplet it’s like being on an iPhone. You can edit the photos and videos and also add hashtags and emoji’s just like on Instagram for iPhone. Uploading your photos with Uplet there will be no compromise on the quality or resolution.

Once you download the App you will need to login using your Instagram account. A nice feature that Uplet provides is the option to have multiple accounts and easily switch between them. Uplet, works effortlessly, the fact that you can type using a Mac keyboard to add your captions make a whole lot of difference.

The app cost $19.95. It does seem a bit pricey but for the ease of use and the features available, it’s more than worth it. Plus, it’s Instagram on your Mac, that’s worth paying for, surely. There is a trial version available as well.

The App is available from the developer’s website. It’s compatible with MacOS 10.9 and later. The developers often update the App, so if any issues, rest assure that it will be resolved. What are you waiting for, get those videos and photos onto Instagram.