Game Review – Ball Path

There are more than 25,000 mental health and workout iOS apps on iTunes store. Even if you are an avid app hunter who want to sharpen his mind, you can only come across few thousand apps that are specifically made with this purpose. But most of them are not so fun as a simple mindless game that will distract our brains and entertain us at the same time. Well, this is where puzzle games come into play. A good and challenging puzzle can entertain us, improve our focus and cognitive skills and keep us coming back for more at the same time. Puzzle games are fun way to keep your brain nimble and sharp while you are still getting the enjoyment of regular gaming.

What exactly is Ball Path?

Ball Path is a brain teasing puzzle game with strategic navigation game mechanics. The goal is for the ball to be steered in the right directions, leading it to the exit of the maze. Its challenging nature requires the player to be focused, analytical and quick with making the decisions in which way will the ball be steered. Therefore, Ball Path is an excellent puzzle game for exercising the brain muscles, improving focus and logical thinking along the way.

Ball Path’s simple and challenging game mechanics

The game rules are the following: steer the ball path direction by touching the right wall among the many within the maze. This sounds like incredibly simple task but don’t be fooled. Getting the ball to hit the right walls so it can take the right path out, without touching the ends of the screen it’s a little trickier and easier said than done. The first levels are simpler and require you to steer the ball along the maze with the ball only hitting onto 3 walls for getting the score of 5 stars. If you hit more than 3 walls, you get less stars until you hit 6 or more and start losing the stars you’ve got. As the levels goes up, so does their difficulty which makes Ball Path quite the challenging puzzle.

If you are in search of a great puzzle to keep your mind active and entertained, try Ball Path. You can find and download Ball Path at Apple’s App Store for free.