Amazing Productivity App Top Notch Document Organization – Docstur: Self-Serve Documents

As a night owl, I often struggle to be productive during the day. I’ve tried productivity hacks to no avail, and I always abandon planners a few days after I start using them. When I switched out physical notebooks for to-do lists on my phone, however, I finally saw a difference — both in my stress levels and my efficiency. To help you get more done in less time we have found a perfect app to organize your documents and to improve your productivity.

What is Docstur: Self-Serve app?

Let us introduce you the productivity app called Docstur Self-Serve which is suitable for those of you who work in small business or enterprise-sized organization. This app offer options to create document templates with pre-authorized document changes and then manage them by the voice commands and artificial intelligence via clause assessment.

How the app works

If you are interested in using Docstur Self-Serve than sign via e-signature through DocuSign from where you can customize templates through drop down options which gives the end user pre-authorized choices, free-form fields if you would like the end user to insert language as they see fit, or highlighted text to emphasize a particular part of the document etc. There is also a possibility to send your materials via cloud storage on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

It’s quite a useful tool to save time on organization your documentation and boost your productivity much as possible on a daily basis. We are strongly recommending to download this amazing app from App Store for free and enjoy the benefits of it by handling your materials and documents effortlessly.

Here is the link to download the app and check for more information about Docstur Self-Serve!

App Store Download Link: Docstur: Self-Serve