UK Vaping Regulations

Fortunately for vaping enthusiasts, the UK government is relaxing its restraint of the e-cigarette users. There are arguments that vaping products may contribute to the reduction of the proportion of people who smoke regular cigarettes. Bans of vaping products in public spaces and at the workplace may cease in the near future to accommodate safer alternatives to smoking. Regulatory barriers have made e-liquids weaker and they don’t work too well as a cessation aid. The UK Royal College of Physicians stated that the restrictions on safer alternatives to tobacco should stop, especially because vaping can help in accelerating smoking cessation. It’s among the first official statements from a government-level organisation regarding low-risk alternatives to smoking.

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Vaping gears available in the UK market need to adhere to a new guideline. Last year, the EU changed the regulation on tobacco-related products that include e-liquids and e-cigarettes. After the updated regulation came into effect, all kinds of advertisement on e-cigarettes and vaping products are banned, because they promote nicotine consumption, which is an addictive substance. Today, one year later, the regulation already comes into force and fully impacts vaping products in the market. We have seen obvious changes on the packaging and there are fewer options for e-cigarette tank and e-liquid refill sizes. Manufacturers also need to notify regulators before they can sell their products. You can get more details and purchase vaping products on Vapester.

EUTPD restricts the strength and size of e-liquids in the UK. Specifically, e-liquid containers must not be larger than 10ml in capacity. Also, cartridges and clearomisers can’t have a capacity larger than 2ml. Nicotine strength of e-liquid must not be higher than 20 per cent. After submitting information about their product to the government, e-liquid manufacturers need to wait for 6 months before they can start with the sales process. At the moment, there’s still no regional legislation on vaping in the United Kingdom. However, a few public spaces in Wales are declared as smoke-free areas, including the use of e-cigarettes. Vaping in public space isn’t punishable in any area of the United Kingdom, but in some cases, you will be asked to stop. It is gradually becoming something that the UK government wants to change and I guess its one of the progressive slots that will be talked about in parliament.

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