Satway Pro – Amazing Satellite Messaging App

A satellite phone will replace your regular cell phone if you are going on trips to remote places such as out at sea, on a desert, mountain climbing or in forests etc. A regular cell phone will not work in these places, but a satellite phone will. So there’s no reason to lose contact with friends, family and loved ones, even when you’re out in these remote places.

As well as the pleasure for keeping touch, having a satellite phone handy is piece of mind for emergencies. If anything should happen while on your trip, a satellite phone quite literally be your savior. Wherever you are, as long as you have a clear line of sight to the sky, you’ll get the coverage to use your satellite phone. So if you have a satellite phone and you’re in need of a great communication app, here’s one of our favorites – Satway Pro.

What is Satway Pro?

For all proud owners of sat phones, here comes a communication app that will connect you with your loved ones with two-way satellite messaging. The app integrates two-way text and voice messages and geolocation anywhere on the planet and it works with Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones within their coverage areas. Plus it’s convenient and very easy to use!

Reliable & Easy-to-Use

Connect with your friends and family with one of the best messaging services for satellite phones. Satway Pro is a reliable and economical app that will save you money and connect you with anyone for free, via an app available for IOS and Android. All you have to do is write a text message, call and record a voice message or acquire a GNSS position on the satellite phone and transmit it to Satway Pro number. It also has a geolocation feature, where you just have to simply send a message with your GNSS position coordinates and your guest users will receive the position with a map icon. You can communicate through text or voice messages individually, or make group chats up to 10 people. Make your messages public or private and enjoy guaranteed privacy.

Visit Satway Pro’s official website for more additional information and try the first 30 days trial for free. Download the iOS app from the App Store and stay connected anywhere you are!