5 Sites To Help With a Heavy Student Workload

If you’re a student, you’re usually trying to balance way too many things at once. Between your social life and school, your workload can seem unbearable sometimes. Luckily, there are several sites that can help you deal with those tasks at hand. Check out these five sites that can make your workload seem much more manageable!


  1. GraduateWay.com

GraduateWay lets you search over 800,000 documents to help you brainstorm a huge variety of essay topics (from culture and ethics to literature and psychology). The search function allows you to look up the topic you’re interested in, and after a quick five minute registration, you’ll get all the materials you need emailed to you personally. You can even order papers and customized essays specific to your needs or have their team of professionals rewrite or edit your own writing.


  1. StackExchange.com

Got a homework question you just can’t seem to find the answer to? StackExchange allows you to type in your question and access over 170 different communities that focus on a large number of different topics. Experts also double check the posts, so you’ll always be seeing the most accurate results.



  1. Coggle.it

If all of your class notes are getting overwhelming, check out Coggle’s easy-to-use site where you can create mindmaps and other notes in one place. Their system means all the information you need will be organized efficiently (without all those papers lying around!) and can be shared with other classmates. With Coggle, the studying process becomes a thousand times easier!


  1. Todoist.com

Maybe you’re having trouble dealing with your heavy workload because you just can’t seem to keep track of everything you need to do. With Todoist, you can keep all of your to-do lists in one place (whether that’s taking note of appointments, assignment due dates, or test days). This helpful planner also aids you in setting goals for yourself, tracking your progress, and freeing up mental space for all those other things you need to worry about!



  1. KeepMeOut.com

Social media distracting you from all the work you should be doing? Use KeepMeOut to block sites that you need to avoid (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). You can just list the site you need to steer clear of and select a time period for when you’re okay to log back on. This site helps you focus on the task at hand (hello homework!) instead of all those distractions available online.


Whether you need help writing an essay from GraduateWay.com or just need assistance keeping track of due dates, these five sites will help you manage your heavy student workload!