Coinalysis – A Powerful Cryptocurrency Analyzer

Nowadays plenty of peoples are taking an interest in cryptocurrency as the prices are gradually increasing. Those who had already invested in cryptocurrency like bitcoins are now getting an impressive return. But you still have the opportunity to be involved and invest in cryptocurrency if you want to get a huge return in the future. If you are a Crypto Trader then you definitely need to check the prices of the coins continuously. It’s not possible that you’ll be always on your desktop computer so you also need an alternative like Coinalysis – an app which can show the real time prices of crypto coins and much more information right on your smartphone.

What is Coinalysis?

Coinalysis is a cryptocurrencies tracker app that tracks bitcoin rates and bitcoin rates against other cryptocurrencies or other currencies. This app is one of the most accurate cryptocurrency tracker nd bitcoin rate converter that provide us with real-time bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices. Coinalysis is cryptocurrencies tracker and bitcoin rate converter that comes with many different features, other than the tracking and converting features.

Coinalysis numerous features

Coinalysis will provide the user with all the latest cryptocurrency new stories. The app collects and aggregates trending news related to cryptocurrency. The stories can be sorted by publish date, relevance and popularity for more convenient viewing. Alongside the news aggregation the app also offers social media integration with StockTwits, trending coins and trending tweets related to coins. This provides users with minute by minute view of trending coins and trending coin related news and tweets. Coinalysis have graphs and charts for all the cryptocoins on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis and will also show the users the top gainers and losers by timeline. Coinalysis tracks over 2000 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Nem, Monero, Dogecoin, etc. With Coinalysis users get detailed real time and historical price data tracking, quotes for more than 2000 coins and fiat currencies, market dominance, market capitalization per coin, trading volume, percentage change in price and more. Coinalysis users can also create their own watch list in which they can add their favorite coins.

Coinalysis is available for iOS users and it can be found and downloaded at the iTunes App Store for free.