Don’t Miss Driftr: Social Travel Platform App for Your Traveling Journeys


We all love to travel. However, when it comes to documenting our travel journey and sharing our adventures there is lack of versatile social platforms. Today we’ll speak about an app that will give you new perspective and concept of sharing travel experience. We are talking about Driftr.

What is Driftr?

We have great news for all of you who are looking for amazing travel app that will save you a lot of time and energy while you plan your trip. Yes, we talk about wonderful social travel app called Driftr that was created to help you plan, book, and share your adventures on a single platform. Using this app will also help you track, complete the travel blog and personalize the travel journal so you can share your travels with the rest of the world.

Create blogs, connect, discover

Driftr offers the possibility to create your blog with the material of your travels, without paying the expensive domains and hosting plans that usually are required. You can find the best hotels, bars, and restaurants anywhere in the world with just a couple of clicks on your IOS device even in remote areas of the world without internet access.

Chat & find amazing travel experiences

Visit the App Store link where you can get more info and access to download the Driftr app for free and start enjoying the benefits of this amazing social travel app.

Share your recommendations with others, chat or use the community to find popular places and things to do for your next trip. Check it out!